Thursday, August 25, 2005


We are News!

A woman on one of my newsgroups read this blog and thought it should be getting publicity for the sake of the peace movement. Elizabeth Gaylyn Baker lives in Santa Fe, used to do PR for the Lieutenant Governor. She sent a release out on us, and Channel 7 in Albuquerque called us in for an interview as we passed through town on Route 40. At 10:20. For an interview ASAP. We packed in record time. We did the interview in five minutes. We drove east.

Publicity is good for the movement. But what can they possibly show in a sound bite from what I said that will be deeply true. It is more likely they will look for some bit from the interview that could imply controversy, and then tweak it to highlight the drama. Tonight we watched a newscast on Crawford and they showed the two contingents - anti-war and pro-Bush - as if they were equally pitched camps. But with my own eyes I saw hundreds on one side, and a handful on the other. Yet on the TV they looked about the same.

Can you tell a lie with pictures?

So I have some anxiety about the story they will tell.

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