Friday, August 19, 2005


Pitiful in Pecos

I now truly understand a phrase I have used carelessly all my life: the middle of nowhere. A wide street with equally wide concrete and paver sidewalks that promise so much and deliver mostly empty lots. No cell phone service, no dial-up, no working vending machines in the Motel 6, nothing but a Wal-Mart surrounded by a host of boarded up businesses.

The desk clerk is sweet and sends encouragement to Cindy Sheehan with a wistful, "I wish I could go with you." A good ole boy we chat with tells us about a knife fight in Barstow and warns us things are different here in Texas. There are bugs in the beds.

We learn in a phone call from home that Cindy Sheehan left Crawford. Apparently, calls can get in, but none can go out. CNN news runs a brief headline on her departure and then a whole segment of Scott Petersen's ex-girlfriend being interviewed about whether she thought he was a born killer.

We are bummed out. I spend two hours futzing with access numbers and trying to get a premium service dial-up number from sbc to no avail. We are not sure what to do. All we can decide is not to decide until tomorrow.

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