Thursday, August 18, 2005


Mothers of Soldiers

At the latest Motel 6, the manager talked about her son who has just gotten home from Iraq. She told us about the time he called her from Iraq weeping because he had just killed three people and because the war there “goes against everything you taught me.”

He was home because he had been wounded. He usually didn’t wear his body armor because it was so uncomfortable, it bruised his whole chest to wear it. But for some reason, he put it on that day, and so he survived. She told us that President Bush was lucky, because if her son had died, she would have gone to see him and made him talk to her and explain to her why he killed her son.

I told her that the woman waiting outside the Crawford ranch was doing just that, and her eyes got small and she nodded and said that Bush can’t talk to her because he can’t give her a good reason.

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