Thursday, August 18, 2005


Meetings along the Way

Who have I met so far? A black 48-year-old female fourth-generation funeral director from Phoenix; a truck driver back from Iraq with a hole in his lung from bad body armor; a 42-year-old desert rat living 150 miles out from Las Cruces who hints of CIA connections: a paunchy maintenance worker with a goatee wearing a "Jesus is my Homeboy" button and wants Hilary to run for President; an AM/PM gas station manager who insists she is not a bank and should be given exact change if you have it; the kids at Starbucks, the ancient Hispanic AAA mechanic, the mother of a boy just back from Iraq. More about her later.

Thanks for the view from the road to Crawford--I feel like I made some of the trip with you --and through you with Cindy Sheehan. Maybe we are America the Beautiful after all. Love, Joan
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