Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Joshua Tree

We got all the way to Joshua Tree and camped for the night. Some would say we could have walked this far in one day, but they would not be our friends.

Jenny had already practiced putting the tent together in the back yard, so we were able to arrive, set up camp and fall into a horizontal stupor almost immediately. We didn't sleep for a while: a combination of road buzz and amped dog. Blanche would not settle down.

Then there was all the water I drank all day long. Morning was far, far away, but then so was the bathroom. Blanche had finally quieted down and I did not want to wake Jenny, soI put it off as long as my bladder could stand it. Turned out, she had been trying to hold it, too. Great minds...

It sounds like we had a miserable night, but the moment we stepped out of the tent and saw the heavens packed with stars and the Milky Way positively creamy white across the roof of the heavens, we were happy. We sat up watching shooting stars and mis-identifying constellations - there were too many stars to recognize them clearly - and then we settled in for a decent snooze until dawn.

At 8 a.m. it is already too hot to be in the tent unless you are bacon frying. Which we are not. So we are going to find some place where the bacon is hot and we can be cool. Breakfast in Blythe it is.

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